Facebook’s New Pages Experience 101

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With a new year comes a new look for Facebook Pages. In January 2022 (though this date is subject to change), Facebook will require that all Pages are converted to “the New Pages Experience.”

While many of the features will remain the same, there are some important changes that you should know about. Below is a breakdown of what to expect with the New Pages Experience.

Aspects of managing your Facebook Page(s) that will remain the same, include:

  • All Page content, including posts, photos, videos, stories and groups, will automatically move to your new Page.
  • An Instagram account can still be linked to your Page.
  • All of your Page followers will be transitioned to your New Page and the follower count will still be displayed.
  • The blue verification mark will automatically be transferred to your New Page.
  • Business Manager, Ads Manager, Creator Studio and Pages Manager App will still be accessible.

However, the transition to the New Pages Experience will cause some notable changes that may affect how you manage your agency’s Facebook Page(s).

Easy Switching

The new Page experience allows for easy switching and navigation between a public-facing Page and an individual profile. You can manage your Page and profile separately. Read the instructions under “How Can I Open My New Page?” to learn how to switch pages easily.

Pro Tip: You will not be able to access your classic Pages from New Pages. Switch back to your personal profile to see your Pages that have not yet transitioned.

Pro Tip: Before posting any content or joining a group, always make sure that you are doing so from the intended public-facing Page or personal profile.

Page News Feed

With New Pages, you can follow public figures, brands and partners to curate a News Feed with topics that matter to you. Your Page’s News Feed will be separate from your personal profile’s feed. Anyone with “full control” will see this News Feed.

Page Management

When adding managers to your Facebook Page, you can now grant full or partial access. This replaces the old “Page Roles” settings, where you could grant roles such as “Page Administrator” and “Page Editor.”

Full access grants the same amount of access as the Admin or creator of the Page, which includes:

  • Viewing tools and insights
  • Editing the Page settings or deleting the Page
  • Granting permissions
  • Managing all content, linked accounts and ads
  • Responding to comments
  • Creating events
  • Removing or banning people from the Page

Follow these instructions to grant full access.

Note: Once you grant someone full access, this gives them complete control of the Page and they will have the same managing capabilities as you do. They will be able to grant control or task access to additional people, remove those with access (including you) and post and delete content. Page access can be edited at any time.

Unlike full control, partial access (or task access) gives restricted managing abilities, such as:

  • Viewing insights
  • Managing all content and ads
  • Responding to direct messages and comments

Those with task access can only manage the Page through Facebook’s tools, like Facebook Business Suite, Creator Studio and Ads Manager. If you have full access to a Page and would like to grant task access, then follow these instructions.

Page Likes

Page Likes will not display on New Pages and will not carry over. If a user likes your Page and is also a follower, they will still receive your Page posts in their News Feed. However, if someone only likes your Page but they do not follow it, they will not be transitioned to a follower of the New Page and will no longer see the Page’s posts.

Pro Tip: Start letting people know now. If they want to continue to see your posts in 2022, they need to hit the “Follow” button on your Page.

Pro Tip: You can invite your personal Facebook friends to follow your Page by sending invites through the “Invite to Follow” button.

Post Threads

Similar to a feature on Twitter, an “Add a Post To Continue This Thought” option has been added to Facebook posts. As of now, this feature is only available on mobile. This new feature gives government agencies the opportunity to update previous posts without having to do a new post or edit a previous post.


Your Page mentions are now listed under a dedicated tab.

Follower Count

The New Pages Experience automatically rounds up your follower count. For example, if you have 5,983 followers, your page will display that you have 6K followers.

Manage Page Sections (Tabs)

When you click into “Manage Sections”, you can remove the “About” categories that seem more geared towards personal Pages, such as interests, relationship status, etc.


Comments have become more critical to generating engagement. Posts need more interaction than just a reaction (like, love, etc.) to be successful. Posts that have comments that include more than just emojis tend to perform better.

Unavailable Page Features

Some classic Page features will become unavailable, but they may be readded in the future. These features include:

  • The “Publishing Tools” section: You can now schedule posts from Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio.
  • Business features, such as jobs, appointments, offers, reviews and check-ins.
  • Managing from mobile web browsers: You can manage the new Page from the Facebook mobile app, but not from mobile web browsers.

For additional information, please contact Facebook’s help desk or review Facebook’s Frequently Asked Questions list. Being prepared for these updates is crucial to maintaining the audience you’ve grown.