Facebook’s Newest Design Tool: Business Poster Generator

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Facebook is easing the process for businesses to create graphics to notify customers of important updates with their free Business Poster Generator.

As an Admin of your business’s Facebook Page, you can leverage this tool to create downloadable PDF posters with your own custom messaging or with one of these six message templates:

  1. We’re Open
  2. Temporarily Closed
  3. Appointments Only
  4. Order Online
  5. Please Wear a Mask
  6. Visit Us on Facebook

The poster will include your message, a custom QR code that links to your business’s Facebook Page and your business information.

The tool’s customization options are limited to color choice and text. All message templates follow the same visual template and you have the choice of five colors for the outline around the message. You must access this tool through a desktop computer and ensure that all of your Page’s information is updated. To edit the contact information listed on the poster, you must first edit your Page information. If your Facebook account is connected to an Instagram account (and the account is listed as an “Other Account” under your Page information), then it will automatically be listed on your poster.

After customizing and completing your poster, just click the ‘Download’ button and a PDF file named ‘poster’ will download. From there, you can resize and print this poster to use at your business, email it to your customers or post it to your social media sites. If you are unable to access a printer, Facebook offers a print service where you email your poster to and it will be shipped to the address listed in your Page information.

With this new alternative to creating a simple graphic, businesses can now quickly get their important messages out with an eye-catching visual.