Facebook’s New Pages Experience

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With a new year comes a new look for Facebook Pages. The mega-platform is in the process of rolling out what it calls “the new Pages Experiences” to its 60 million-plus “Classic” Pages. Tests are currently running on the Facebook mobile app, but there is no clear launch date for these features across the platform.

While many of the features will remain the same, there are a host of changes that may affect how you run your Agency’s Facebook Page(s). See below to learn how “new Pages” will be largely familiar, but with some important differences.

Easy Switching

Navigate between your personal profile and new Page using a switcher. Manage your private profile and Page separately.

Page News Feed

Follow other public figures, brands, and partners to create a News Feed with topics that matter to you. Stay up to date and connect with people and content on your new Page News Feed. Your new Page News Feed will be separate from your personal profile. You can follow different Pages and profiles to curate a unique experience for your News Feed on the new Page. Anyone with full control will see this News Feed.

Page Management

When adding managers to your Facebook Page, you can now grant “full” or “partial” access. This replaces the current “Page Roles” settings, where you could grant roles such as Admin and Editor.

Full access grants the same amount of access as the Admin or creator of the Page, which includes:

  • Viewing tools and insights
  • Editing the Page settings or deleting the Page
  • Granting permissions
  • Managing all content, linked accounts and ads
  • Responding to comments
  • Creating events
  • Removing or banning people from the Page

Partial access grants restricted managing abilities exclusively by using Facebook’s tools, such as:

  • Viewing insights
  • Managing all content and ads
  • Responding to direct messages and comments

Page Likes

Page Likes will not display on new Pages and will not carry over. This means that anyone who ‘Likes’ your Page but does not ‘Follow’ it will no longer receive your Page posts in their News Feed. In other words, anyone who only ‘Likes’ your Page will not be converted into a ‘Follower’ automatically–they will need to Follow the Page themselves.

Pro Tip: You can invite your personal Facebook Friends to Follow your Page by sending invites through the ‘Invite to Follow’ button.

Pro Tip: Start letting people know now: if they want to continue to see your posts, they need to “Follow” the Page.

Unavailable Page Features

Some current Page features will be unavailable on the new Pages, but Facebook may include them again later. These features include:

  • Publishing tools: notes, pinned posts, scheduled posts and cross posting
  • Business features: jobs, appointments, offers and Marketplace listings
  • Classic features: reviews, check-ins and Page templates

Page Features to Continue

  • An Instagram account can be linked to your Page.
  • Creating and managing ad campaigns will be done through the improved Ads Manager.
  • The Follower count will still be displayed on your Page.
  • Stories, Groups, Inbox and events will remain.
  • Insights will be updated to further provide information on your audience and Page performance.
  • Business Manager, Ads Manager, Creator Studio and Pages Manager App, will still be accessible.
  • The blue verification badge will be automatically transferred to your new Page.

You can switch to your new Page by clicking/tapping your profile picture and selecting your new Page or the ‘Switch Profile’ button (if available). Facebook Pages are key to promoting your brand. Being prepared for these updates are crucial to keeping the audience you’ve grown.