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In the dynamic landscape of higher education, communication is the glue connecting stakeholders to your university’s values. By engaging students, alumni, donors and faculty, institutions create potential for increased enrollment, retention, funding and more.

Tripepi Smith excels at maximizing the impact of outreach, offering communication assessments, advanced digital strategies and quality content. From providing spot services like writing and design to assuming day-to-day tasks, we empower staff to focus on strategic priorities.

Tripepi Smith is your strategic partner for comprehensive marketing, technology and public affairs consulting services. Our higher education communication and marketing work includes:

  • Content development, including newsletters, executive messaging, articles, social media and speeches
  • Advanced digital strategies for recruiting, fundraising, engagement and targeting
  • Portrait, event and stock photography
  • Videography services, including licensed drone and animation
  • Graphic design, including logos, letterhead, donor materials and magazines

The result: Access to essential communication services that advance the mission and vision of your institution.


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