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Tripepi Smith Concludes Public Outreach for the City of Bellflower’s Redistricting Process

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Bellflower Redistricting TemplateIn February 2021, Tripepi Smith was tapped by the City of Bellflower to provide outreach and engagement services in support of its 2021 redistricting effort. In November 2021, the City concluded its redistricting process by readopting its current district map after careful examination of the 2020 Census data, which showed minimal changes to the population.

“The 2021 redistricting process was unlike any other due to the Census data being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. When we needed help with outreach efforts during this complicated process, we were happy to partner with a team we know and trust: Tripepi Smith,” said Bellflower City Clerk Mayra Ochiqui. “We appreciate Tripepi Smith’s thorough, diligent efforts to engage the community in adopting district lines that will shape the future of Bellflower over the next 10 years.”

Focused on engaging Bellflower’s diverse communities, team Tripepi Smith – consisting of Principal Jen Nentwig, Business Analyst Sydni Overly and Business Analyst Allison Torres – worked with City staff to conduct an extensive outreach campaign to drive public participation in the redistricting process. In addition to meeting outreach requirements such as conducting four public hearings and posting Public Notices and meeting materials online, the team’s engagement efforts included:

  • Rollout of the City’s dedicated Redistricting website,, with extensive resources, meeting information and materials in multiple languages for the public to learn about the process.
  • Weekly English and Spanish social media posts spread across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the entire engagement.
  • An extensive newsletter campaign to residents throughout the community to drive awareness of the redistricting effort and the opportunity to participate in Public Hearings.
  • Direct email or phone contact with civic/community groups and community leaders to proactively outreach with redistricting related information, including hearing agendas.
  • Utilization of billboard road signs with general redistricting information.
  • Implementation of bilingual ads in the Recreation magazine which was sent out to residents and community members.
  • Creation of a redistricting informational video that was placed at the City’s Drive-in Theater and Cable News channel.
  • Development of four press releases publicizing key milestones in the process.
  • Creation of content for six City of Bellflower e-newsletters.

The Tripepi Smith team also aided in the project management of the redistricting process by conducting bi-weekly meetings to ensure action items were being accomplished and work was staying on track.

“Redistricting is a unique opportunity for community members to directly participate in shaping local governments, so I’m proud that our team can support cities like Bellflower in that process,” said Jen, “It was an honor to work with Bellflower and assist in the successful completion of its 2021 redistricting effort.”

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