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Facebook made headlines in 2018 when Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced a new algorithm that would change the promotion game for thousands of businesses, brands and media who primarily relied upon, and still rely upon, the platform to reach their audiences.

Less than two weeks into 2018, Zuck announced the algorithm change and Facebook’s intention behind it: to shift the social network’s primary function from helping users find relevant content to facilitating meaningful interactions among its users.

This has meant that posts from users’ personal network of friends, families and groups have taken precedence over those from Facebook Pages in News Feeds.

When the news broke, organizations frenzied over concerns of losing Organic Reach and having to shell out bigger bucks for Paid Reach. Over a year later, no one has found a clear formula for beating the algorithm, though a few obscure theories loom.

One simple yet pivotal step, however, can ensure that your audience sees the majority of or all posts from your organization’s Facebook Page.

Tripepi Smith recommends that all organizations share the following instructions to their Facebook Page as a post–or more effectively, as a video–to encourage their online communities to sign up for the latest updates (see above for a video we created for our own Facebook Page).


  1. Go to [NAME OF ORGANIZATION]’s Page at [LINK].
  2. Drag your mouse over the ‘Following’ tab. A drop-down menu will appear with sections titled ‘In Your News Feed’ and Notifications.
  3. Select ‘See First’ under ‘In Your News Feed.’
  4. Next, click the pencil icon alongside the ‘In Your News Feed’ section title to see your options for choosing what you see from our page.
  5. Select the ‘New Feed’ tab at the top left of the ‘Choose What You See From This Page.’ We recommend choosing  ‘See First’ to see our new posts at the top of your News Feed.
  6. Then, select the ‘Notifications’ tab on the bottom left. Here, we recommend choosing ‘Standard’ to see all the posts from our page.
  7. By using these selections, you can see all our posts! We appreciate you following our Facebook Page. Thanks for keeping up with [ORGANIZATION NAME].
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