Anticipating 2023 Social Media Marketing Trends

Anticipating 2023 Social Media Marketing Trends

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Anticipating 2023 Social Media Marketing TrendsMany of Tripepi Smith’s clients take time over the holidays to reflect on the past year’s successes and to plan the next year’s strategies and tactics. As you embrace this cadence of contemplation and preparation, we offer—by way of our media monitoring partner Meltwater’s 2023 Marketing & Comms Trends webinar and guidebook—an overview of social media industry trends, technological and consumer developments, core principles and data analysis best practices.

A Review of Social 2022

  • The average social user spends 2.5 hours per day surfing social media sites across eight accounts.
  • Ninety-one percent of social users access their channels via mobile, with an average attention span per post of 1.7 seconds.
  • U.S. marketers spent $177 billion on paid social advertising, which surpassed television advertising for the first time.
  • While Facebook, YouTube and Instagram still reign, TikTok—the fastest-growing platform—recently responded to French app BeReal with TikTok Now, encouraging users to share authentic moments in lieu of polished content.

Practical Principles for 2023

Consider these five suggestions to empower you and your team to dominate with authenticity in the new year: 

  • Ground every post with one of these six purposes: information, inspiration, instruction, recognition, service or entertainment. Your audience may forget the exact content of a post, but they will remember how the post—and your agency—served them.
  • Develop content with measurement in mind, linking posts with goals, key performance indicators and metrics that matter. Your organization may choose to monitor specific aspects of channel growth (followers, visitors and actions), content performance (reach and impressions, engagement and click-through rates, shares and reactions) and reputation tracking (share of voice, hashtag utilization, unique authors and tone/sentiment) across quantitative and qualitative measurements.
  • Serialize your social media posts through the lens of a strategic theme and consistent tone. From The Pickwick Papers to “Stranger Things,” episodic content has captured generations of audiences. (Ryder’s city hall selfies are a great example of this.)
  • Engage your internal stakeholders. Because individual content often outshines institutional content, providing opportunities for team members to steward your organization’s posts, as part of a holistic participatory culture, is important.
  • Create interactive content experiences. Share posts that invite your audience to click or tap to reveal more, to answer a question, to respond to a poll or to view a short-form video.

Meltwater’s capabilities—combined with the force of Tripepi Smith’s analytics team—can put your organization at the forefront of media intelligence. Contact our Meltwater specialists Kalee Cummings (707-854-8948 |, Danielle Rodriguez (707-590-2713 | and Kevork Kurdoghlian (747-241-9764 | to get started.