Ultra Violet

2018 Is Ultra Violet

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Ultra Violet

Pantone, a world-renowned leader in color information, has announced the Color of the Year for 2018–a color that experts say conveys originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking: Ultra Violet.

Pantone Color Institute, a consulting group of high-profile colourists, asserts that the blue-toned purple expresses our unique place in time to experiment with the boundless possibilities of the cosmos. The Institute encourages brands and designers to leverage Ultra Violet to inspire and influence innovation in the new year.

Integrating a color as bold as Ultra Violet can be simple for many of Tripepi Smith’s private company and public agency clients. Consider the following methods to refresh your organization’s persona and messaging in 2018:

If your company offers products, this is a great time to create an Ultra Violet option.

Conference Displays
Attract people to your booth with the brilliant pop of an Ultra Violet table cover.

Promotional Merchandise
If your organization offers promotional products, such as mouse pads and pens, distribute Ultra Violet versions in 2018.

TIP: Use a black or white version of your organization’s logo so it stands out against the vibrant hue of Ultra Violet.

Boost the visual intrigue of collateral materials and social media posts by adding a slight tint of Ultra Violet to your images and graphics.

If your organization has a public space, such as a waiting room, incorporate Ultra Violet elements into the room. For example, use a black or white frame to showcase a print of Ultra Violet and use a matching vase or throw pillows to accent it.

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